On this page you can find the ISP list in alphabetical order.

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ISP List starting with "h"

H.O.P. Communications DBA airHOP - United States

H3G-AUSTRIA Customer dynamic - Austria

H3G - Italy

H3G Austria GmbH - Austria

H3G Italy - Italy

H3G Italy SpA - Italy

H3G UK - United Kingdom

H88 S.A. - Poland

ha-vel internet s.r.o. - Czechia

ha-vel internet spol. s r.o. - Czechia

HAAGNET - Netherlands

Haarvel-antenneforening - Denmark

Habari KiliCable - Tanzania

Hadara - Palestine

Hadara Technologies Private Shareholding Company - Palestinian Territory

Hadco Corporation - United States

Haefele Connect - United States

Hai Phong Brand - CMC Telecommunication Infrastruc - Vietnam

HAIonNet - South Korea

Hala Al Rafidain Company for Communications and In - Iraq

Halliburton Company - United States

Hallo ISP - Israel

HALLO ISP Users - Israel

Halotel - Tanzania

Hammerfest Energi Bredbaand - Norway

Hampton Inn & Suites Marksville - United States

Hampton University - United States

hamyar - Iran

Handy Networks, LLC - United States

Handy Networks - United States

Hangzhou Alibaba Advertising Co., Ltd. - China

Hangzhou Alibaba Advertising Co.,Ltd. - China

Hangzhou Alibaba Advertising Co. - China

Hangzhou Netbank Technologies co.,LTD - China

HANSENET - Germany

Hanwha Q CELLS GmbH - Germany

Haoshang keji jiangsu Co.,Ltd. - China

Harbour ISP Pty - Australia

Hardwork Cable and Internet Services Pvt Ltd - India

Hargray Communications Group - United States

Hariduse Infotehnoloogia Sihtasutus - Estonia

Harlan Community Television - United States

Harrisonville Telephone - United States

Harvard Community Health Plan - United States

Harvard University - United States

Hashpower Unipessoal Lda - Portugal

hasIP - Albania

Hathway - India

Hathway Cable & Data Com LTD - India

Hathway IP over Cable Internet Access - India

HATTEC - Poland

Hauptverband der oesterreichischen Sozialversicher - Austria

Hawaii Pacific Teleport LP - United States

Hawaiian Telcom - United States

Hawaiian Telcom Services Company - United States

HAWE Telekom - Poland

Hawk Host - Canada

Hawk Host - Netherlands

Hawk Host - United States

Hawkesbury IGS - Canada - Iraq


HC Cable OPCO, LLC - United States

HCA Hospital Corporation of America - United States

HCN - Japan

HCN - South Korea


HCT - United Arab Emirates

HDI - Germany

HDSNET - Hungary


Headquarters, USAISC - United Kingdom

Headquarters, USAISC - United States

HEANET - Ireland

HEAnet Limited - Ireland

HEC - Pakistan

Hector Communications Corp. - United States

HEFDIBB - Netherlands

HEG Legacy Networks - Germany

HEG Mass - Germany

HEG US - United States

HEG US Inc - United States

HEG US Inc. - United States

Heinlein-Support GmbH - Germany

HeLi NET Telekommunikation GmbH & Co. KG - Germany

Helios IT Infra Solutions - India

Hellas On Line S.A. - Greece

Hellas On Line SA - DSL - Greece

hellas online - Greece


Helsinge Net Ovanaker AB - Sweden

Helsinki - Finland

Helsinki - Seychelles

Helsinki Televisio Oy - Finland

HEN - Netherlands

HeNan Ping Coal Group - China

Henan xinfeijinxin Computer Co. - China

Heng Tong - Hong Kong

Heng Tong - United States

HENGDA - Hong Kong

Henry M. Jackson Foundation The Advancement of Military Medicine - United States



Herault Telecom - France

Herbert Walter Pfeiffer - Germany

HEREDIA - Costa Rica

HERN Labs AB - Netherlands

HERN Labs AB - Singapore

HERN Labs AB - Sweden

HERN Labs AB - United Kingdom

HERN Labs AB - United States

Herotel - South Africa

HerotelISP - South Africa

Hessischer Rundfunk - Germany

HETNiX SRL - Romania

HETZNER-DC - Finland

Hetzner - Germany

HETZNER-JHB - South Africa

HETZNER - South Africa

HETZNER (Pty) Ltd - Mauritius

HETZNER (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Hetzner Online GmbH - Antarctica

Hetzner Online GmbH - Finland

Hetzner Online GmbH - Germany

Hetzner Online GmbH - Ireland

Hetzner Online GmbH - Russia

Hewlett-Packard Company - Australia

Hewlett-Packard Company - United Kingdom

Hewlett-Packard Company - United States

Hewlett-packard Serviços Ltda - Brazil

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company - United States

Hexabyte - Tunisia

Hexatel - France

Hexatel SAS - France

HEXIE Information technology Co., Ltd. - China

Hextet Systems - Canada

Hextet Systems - United States

HEYMMAN-RIPE - Netherlands

Heymman Servers - United States

Hfcl Infotel LTD - India

HFIL - Hong Kong

HGC - Hong Kong

HGC Broadband - Hong Kong

HGC Global Communications Limited - Hong Kong

HGSL House, No.614 - India

HHS - Netherlands

HI3G - Denmark

HI3G - Sweden

Hi3G Access AB - Denmark

Hi3G Access AB - Sweden

Hi5 Broadband Pvt - India

HI5 Broadband Services - India

Hi5 Broadband Solution Pvt - India

Hi Speed Internet And Internet Solutions - India

Hiawatha Broadband Communications - United States

Hibernia Networks (Netherlands) BV - Ireland


HickoryTech Corporation - United States

High Performance Computing - United States

HighSpeed Office Limited - United Kingdom

HIGHWAY194 - Austria

HighwayNet - China

Highwinds DO Brasil Telecomunicacoes Ltda - Brazil

Highwinds Network Group - Spain

Highwinds Network Group - United States

Highwinds Network Group Backbone - Germany

Highwinds Network Group Backbone - Netherlands

Highwinds Network Group Backbone - United Kingdom

Hilal Al-Rafidain for Computer and Internet Servic - Iraq

HILAT - Israel

Hilf Telecom - Netherlands

Hilink Netsol Private Limited - India

Hill Country Telephone Cooperative - United States

HINET - Taiwan

Hinet Twnic - Taiwan

hipath netcom serices pvt - India

Hiper A/S - Denmark

Hireach Broadband Private - India

Hireach Broadband Private LTD - India

Hitachi Information & Control Solutions - Japan

Hitec Sure cc - South Africa

Hitec Sure Internet - South Africa - Poland


HIVELOCITY - United States

Hivelocity Ventures Corp - United States

HK Cable TV - Hong Kong

HKCABLE - Hong Kong

HKDC2 - Hong Kong

HKDF - Hong Kong

HKN GmbH - Germany

HKNet Co. - Hong Kong

HKTIMS - Hong Kong

HKU - Netherlands

HL komm Telekommunikations GmbH - Germany

HLG Sp. z o.o. - Poland

HNLG - China

HNMC - China

Hnym Hshaarlem - Netherlands

HOABINH - Vietnam

Hochschule der Medien Stuttgart - Germany

Hochschule fuer Technik und Wirtschaft Mittweida ( - Germany

Hochschule Zittau/Goerlitz - Germany

Hoffman Engineering - United States

Hoffmann - La Roche Ltd. - United Kingdom

Hoffrath & Janssen GbR - Germany

Hofstra University - United States

HOHONET - Netherlands

Hoinaski & Sklasky Ltda - Brazil

HOL - Greece

HOLINET - Ukraine

Holistica Provedor Internet Ltda - Brazil

Homaye Jahan Nama Ltd. - Iran network - Poland S.A. - Poland

Home Cable Entertainment India Pvt - India

Home Internet ltd 4 - Russia

HOME NET - India

Home Systems - India

Home Telephone Company - United States

Honda Europe NV - Netherlands

Hondutel - Honduras

Honesty Net Solution (I) Pvt Ltd, Please report all Abuse / SPAM to, abuse at - India

Honesty Net Solutions (India) Pvt. - India

Honeywell International - United States

Honeywell International Inc. - United States

Hong Kong Broadband Network - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd, 15/F Trans Asia Centre, 18 Kin Hong Street - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Cable TV Ltd - Cable Multi-Media Services - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Data Centre Limited - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Serverworks Limited - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Technology Information Limited - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited Business Internet - Hong Kong

Hong Kong Telecommunications (HKT) Limited Mass Internet - Hong Kong

hongkong kwaifong information service limited - Hong Kong

Hongkong Service - Hong Kong

HongKong Virtual internal server company Limited - China

Hopnet Telecom Ltda - Brazil

HopOne Internet Corporation - United States

HOPUS SAS - France

HOPUS SAS - Netherlands

HOPUS SAS - United Kingdom

Hordaland Fylkeskommune - Norway

Horizon Scope Mobile Telecom WLL - Germany

Horizon Technology Infrastructure Solutions Privat - Pakistan

Horizon Telecom International Company Limited - Myanmar [Burma]

Horizons Telecomunicações e Tecnologia Ltda - Brazil

Hormuud Telecom Somalia INC - Somalia

Horry Telephone Cooperative - United States

Horyzont Technologie Internetowe - Poland

Hoshin Multimedia Center - Taiwan

Hoshin Multimedia Center Inc. - Taiwan

Hospices civils de Lyon - France


Hossain Ahmed Masum T/A Alicon Network - Bangladesh s.r.o. - Czechia

Host1Plus - France

Host1Plus - Germany

Host1Plus - Netherlands

Host1Plus - United Kingdom

Host1Plus - United States

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil - Brazil

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil - Canada

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil - Netherlands

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil. - Australia

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil. - Brazil

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil. - Chile

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil. - Colombia

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil. - Germany

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil. - India

HOST1PLUS hosting services. Brazil. - United States

Host4Geeks LLC - United Kingdom

Host4Geeks LLC - United States

Host Collective - United States

Host Color - United States

Host Europe GmbH - France

Host Europe GmbH - Germany

Host Europe GmbH - United Kingdom

Host Europe GmbH - United States

Host Europe GmbH (ehemals Vanager) - Germany

Host Europe GmbH (ehemals Vanager - Germany

Host Lincoln Limited - United Kingdom

Host Networks - Australia

Host NIT - United States

Host Palace - Netherlands

Host Sailor Ltd. - Netherlands

Host Sailor Ltd. - Romania

Host Universal Pty - Australia

Host Universal Pty - New Zealand

Host Universal Pty Ltd - Australia

Host Universal Pty Ltd - India

Host Universal Pty Ltd - Japan

Host Universal Pty Ltd - Singapore

Host Universal Pty Ltd Auckland Services - New Zealand

Host Virtual, Inc - United States

Host Wagon LLC - Philippines

Hostafrica - South Africa

Hostafrica objec - South Africa

HostDime - India, Inc. - Brazil, Inc. - Mexico, Inc. - United Kingdom - Brazil - United Kingdom - United States S.A. de C.V. - Mexico

HostDime Data Centre Services PVT - Hong Kong

HostDime Data Centre Services PVT - United States

HostDime Limited - United Kingdom

HosTeam Network - Poland

Hosteam S.c. Tomasz Groszewski Bartosz Waszak Luka - Poland

Hosted Data Solutions, LLC - United States

Hoster.KZ - Kazakhstan

HOSTERBY - Belarus

Hosterion Srl - Netherlands

Hosterion Srl - Romania

Hosterion Srl - United Kingdom

Hosteros LLC - United States

Hosters A/S - Denmark

Hosteur Sarl - France

HostForWeb - United States LLC - India

HOSTGW-SRL - Romania

HostHatch - Australia

HostHatch - China

HostHatch - Germany

HostHatch - Hong Kong

HostHatch - Netherlands

HostHatch - Norway

HostHatch - Sweden

HostHatch - United States

Hostigger, Inc - France

Hostigger, Inc - Turkey

Hosting022 - Serbia

HOSTING365-Clonshaugh - Ireland

HOSTING90 systems s.r.o. - Czechia

Hosting Operator Ltd. - Russia

Hosting Planet Ltd - Netherlands

Hosting Provider TheHost - Ukraine

Hosting purposes - Netherlands

Hosting purposes in Netherlands - Netherlands

Hosting purposes in Netherlands - United States

Hosting purposes in NL - Netherlands

Hosting Segment - France

Hosting Segment - Netherlands

Hosting segment - United States

Hosting Services, Inc. - United States

Hosting Services - Japan

Hosting Services - United States

Hosting Services Inc - France

Hosting Services Inc - Germany

Hosting Services Inc - Netherlands

Hosting Services Inc - Singapore

Hosting Services Inc - United Kingdom

Hosting Services Inc - United States

Hosting Solution - United States

Hosting Solution Ltd. - Russia

Hosting Solution Ltd. - United States

Hosting Solutions Ltd. - Ukraine

Hosting Systems - United Kingdom

Hosting Ukraine - Ukraine

Hosting Ukraine LTD - Ukraine

Hostinger International Limited - Indonesia

Hostinger International Limited - Netherlands

Hostinger International Limited - Republic of Lithuania

Hostinger International Limited - Russia

Hostinger International Limited - Singapore

Hostinger International Limited - United Kingdom

Hostinger International Limited - United States

HOSTINGER US - United States


Hostio Solutions B.V. - France

Hostio Solutions B.V. - Netherlands

Hostiran Network - Iran

HOSTKEY - Netherlands

HOSTKEY - United States

Hostkey B.V. - Netherlands

hostkey network - Russia

Hostland LTD - Russia

Hostlocation Ltda - Brazil

Hostmaze - Romania

Hostmaze Inc Srl-d - Romania

Hostmein Ike - Greece

HostMySite - United States

Hostnet B.V. - Netherlands

Hostnet Networks - Netherlands


HostPalace Web Solution PVT LTD - Netherlands

Hostpoint AG - Switzerland

Hostpro Ltd. - Netherlands

Hostpro Ltd. - Ukraine - United States

Hostroyale Albania Network - Albania

Hostroyale Finland - Finland

Hostroyale Latvia - Latvia

HostRoyale LLC - Portugal

HostRoyale LLC - United States

HostRoyale Northern Ireland Network - United Kingdom

Hostroyale Portugal - Portugal

HostRoyale Technologies - France

HostRoyale Technologies - Japan

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - Albania

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - Australia

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - Germany

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - India

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - Israel

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - Italy

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - Japan

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - New Zealand

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - Portugal

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - Spain

HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd - United Kingdom

HostSailor - Romania

HostSlim BV - Netherlands

Hostspace Networks LLC - United States

hosttech GmbH - Switzerland

HOSTUS-HKG - Hong Kong

HostUS - Hong Kong

HOSTUS-SGP - Singapore

HostUS - United Kingdom

HostUS - United States

HostUS Solutions LLC - United States

HostVenom LLC - United States

Hostvy Limited - United States

Hostway Corporation - United States

Hostwinds LLC. - United States

Hot-Net internet services Ltd. - Israel

HOT Mobile Ltd. - Israel


HOTNET - Israel

Hotwire Communications - United States

Hotwire Fision - United States

House network trading services company limited - Vietnam

Houston Community College System - United States

Hoyos Consulting LLC - United States

HQserv - Israel

Hringdu ehf - Iceland

Hringidan ehf / Vortex Inc - Iceland

Hrvatski Telekom - fixed broadband - Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom - mobile broadband - Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom d.d - Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom d.d. - Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom fixed broadband - Croatia

HS-WT - Kuwait

HSPA+ - Kuwait

HSPNET - Indonesia

HSYS SAS - Netherlands

HT d.o.o. Mostar - Bosnia and Herzegovina

htc - Hungary

htp GmbH - Germany

Htsnet - ISP - Indonesia


Huabei Oil Field Communication CO - China

Huaian Grandsoo Sail Trade Co. - China

HuaiBei - China

HuaiNan - China

Huashu media&Network Limited - China

Huatong information network - China

Huawei Cloud Service - China

Huawei Cloud Service data center - China

Huawei International Pte. Ltd. - Hong Kong

Huawei IT Data Center in AP - Malaysia

Huawei Public Cloud Service (Huawei Software Techn - China

huayuxingsheng - China

Hudson Fiber Network - United States

Hudson Valley Datanet, LLC - United States

Hudson Valley Datanet - United States

HugeServer Networks, LLC - United States

Hughes Network Systems - United States

Hughes Telecomunicacoes Do Brasil Ltda. - Brazil

Hunan Network of ChinaTelecom - China

Hungarian Telecom - Hungary

HUNTEL.NET - United States

Hunter Communications - United States

HuntTel - United States

Hurricane Electric - British Virgin Islands

Hurricane Electric - Canada

Hurricane Electric - Czech Republic

Hurricane Electric - Germany

Hurricane Electric - Hungary

Hurricane Electric - Netherlands

Hurricane Electric - Russia

Hurricane Electric - Singapore

Hurricane Electric - South Africa

Hurricane Electric - Sweden

Hurricane Electric - United Kingdom

Hurricane Electric - United States

Hurricane Electric LLC - Australia

Hurricane Electric LLC - Canada

Hurricane Electric LLC - Czechia

Hurricane Electric LLC - France

Hurricane Electric LLC - Germany

Hurricane Electric LLC - Hong Kong

Hurricane Electric LLC - Israel

Hurricane Electric LLC - Japan

Hurricane Electric LLC - Netherlands

Hurricane Electric LLC - Russia

Hurricane Electric LLC - Sweden

Hurricane Electric LLC - United Kingdom

Hurricane Electric LLC - United States

Husky OIL - Canada

Hutch Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka

Hutchison 3G - United Kingdom

Hutchison 3G UK Ltd - Ireland

Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH - Austria

Hutchison Global Communications - Hong Kong

Hutchison Global Communications Limited - Hong Kong

Hutchison Max Telecom Limited - India

Hutchison Telecommunications Lanka (Private) Limited - Sri Lanka

Hutchison Whampoa Ltd - Hong Kong

Hva-net Fontys-hkl - Netherlands

HVA - Netherlands

HVA-NETWERK - Netherlands

HvN blok voor gebruik in RT netwerk - Netherlands

HWC - United States


HX-Systems CC - South Africa

Hydra Communications Ltd - Germany

Hydra Communications Ltd - United Kingdom

Hymax Talking Solutions - South Africa

Hyonix - United Kingdom

HyosungITX - Republic of Korea

HyosungITX - South Korea

Hype Enterprises - Canada

Hype Enterprises - United States

HYPERIA - Nigeria

Hyperion S.A - Poland

Hyperion S.A. - Poland

HYPERNET - Indonesia

HYPERNET - Vietnam

Hypernet Técnica em Redes de Comunicação e Compone - Brazil

Hyperoptic Ltd - United Kingdom

Hytel S.R.L. - Italy

Hyundai Communications & Network - Republic of Korea


HZ Hosting Ltd - Bulgaria

HZ Hosting Ltd - Netherlands

HZ Hosting Ltd - United Kingdom

HZ Hosting Ltd - United States