On this page you can find the ISP list in alphabetical order.

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ISP List starting with "c"

C&A Net Telecom - Brazil


C-ComTelecom Servios Ltda-ME - Brazil

C-Mobile - Italy

C-sam AB - Sweden

C.C.D. Cogent Communications Deutschland GmbH - Germany

C.C.S. (Leeds) Ltd - United Kingdom

C2C First alloc - Netherlands

C2NET s.r.o. - Czechia

C32 Broadband Pvt. - India

C4L - United Kingdom

C BEYOND s.a.l - Lebanon

C S Comsoft Pvt - India

C Spire Fiber - United States

Cabel TV Sistem - Romania

Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited - Barbados

Cable & Wireless (Barbados) Limited - Grenada

Cable & Wireless (Cayman Islands) - Cayman Islands

Cable & Wireless (Seychelles) Ltd - Seychelles

Cable & Wireless Access Limited - United Kingdom

Cable & Wireless Antigua and Barbuda - Antigua and Barbuda

Cable & Wireless Antigua and Barbuda Ltd - Anguilla

Cable & Wireless Antigua and Barbuda Ltd - St Kitts and Nevis

Cable & Wireless Dominica - Antigua and Barbuda

Cable & Wireless Dominica - Barbados

Cable & Wireless Dominica - Dominica

Cable & Wireless Dominica - Grenada

Cable & Wireless Dominica - Saint Lucia

Cable & Wireless Dominica - Turks and Caicos Islands

Cable & Wireless Panama - Panama

Cable & Wireless Worldwide - United Kingdom

Cable Aireworld S.A.U. - Spain

Cable and Wireless - United Kingdom

Cable and Wireless (Seychelles) Limited - Seychelles

Cable and Wireless Access Ltd - United Kingdom

Cable and Wireless Jamaica - Jamaica

Cable Atlantico SRL - Dominican Republic

Cable Axion Digitel - Canada

Cable Bahamas - Bahamas

Cable Cable Inc - Canada

Cable Net EOOD - Bulgaria

Cable Networks Akita Co.,ltd. - Japan

Cable Onda - Panama

CABLE ONE, INC - United States

CABLE ONE, INC. - United States

Cable ONE - United States

Cable Satelite R.l. De C.v. - Honduras

Cable Systems Ltd - Russia

Cable Televisora Color - Argentina

Cable Tica - Costa Rica

Cable TV Elpos Ltd. - Poland

CableAmerica Corporation - United States

Cablecolor S.A. - Honduras

Cablecom - United Kingdom

Cablecom Networking - United Kingdom

Cablecom Networking Ltd - Netherlands

Cablecom Networking Ltd - United Kingdom

Cablelink Iblaze - Philippines

CABLELITE-AS-AP Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Broadband Internet Ser - India

Cablelynx - United States

Cablemas Telecomunicaciones - Mexico

Cablemas Telecomunicaciones SA de CV - Mexico

Cablenet - Cyprus

Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd - Cyprus

Cablenet Communication Systems plc - Cyprus

CableTEL DOOEL Macedonia Lisiche - North Macedonia

CableTEL DOOEL Macedonia Skopje Server Farm - Macedonia

CableTEL DOOEL Macedonia Skopje Server Farm - North Macedonia

CableTEL DOOEL Macedonia Triple Play - Macedonia

CableTEL DOOEL Macedonia Triple Play - North Macedonia

CableTV-NET/19 - Ukraine

Cableuropa - Ono - Spain

Cablevideo Digital S.A - Argentina

Cablevision Argentina - Argentina

Cablevision du Nord de Quebec - Canada

Cablevision Red, S.A de C.V. - Mexico

Cablevision S.A. - Argentina

Cablevision S.A. de C.V. - Mexico

Cablevision Systems Corp - United States

Cablevision Systems Corp. - United States

Cablevisión, S.A. de C.V. - Mexico

Cablevisión, S.A. de C.V. - Mexico

Cabo Servicos De Telecomunicacoes Ltda - Brazil

Cabo TV Acoreana - Portugal

Cabo Tv Madeirense S.A - Portugal

cabonnet telecomunicacões ltda - Brazil

Cabovisao, televisao por cabovisao, sa - Portugal

CABS - Zimbabwe

CAC2 - Japan

CachedNet LLC - Denmark

CachedNet LLC - Estonia

CachedNet LLC - Finland

CachedNet LLC - Ireland

CachedNet LLC - New Zealand

CachedNet LLC - Norway

CachedNet LLC - Republic of Korea

CachedNet LLC - Turkey

CachedNet LLC - United States

Cactus Ltd - Russia

Cactus Network Solutions (CNS) Pvt Ltd - Pakistan

Caezar Provedor de Internet LTDA - Brazil

CAFE Informatique et Telecommunications - Togo

Caisse Epargne - France

Caisse Federale de Credit Mutuel SA - France

CAIW Diensten B.V. - Netherlands

Caiway - Netherlands, Inc. - United States

Calcutta Communications Private Limited - India

California Department of Water Resources - United States

California Internet, L.P. - United States

California State University, Office of the Chancel - United States

California State University, Office of the Chancellor - United States

California State University, Stanislaus - United States

California Technology Agency - United States

California Telecom - United States

Call U Communications Ltd. - Palestine

Callnet Telecom - Brazil

CallPlus Services Limited - New Zealand

CallWithme Tehran0 - Iran


Cambrium BV - Netherlands

Cambrium IT Services B.V. - Netherlands

Camelhost Sia - Latvia

Cameroon Telecommunications - Cameroon

Cameroon Telecommunications Network - Cameroon

CAMGSM Company Ltd - Cambodia

Camini Impex SRL - Romania

Camon Internet - Brazil

Campaniacom SpA - Italy

CAMTEL - Cameroon

CAMTEL additional - Cameroon

Camtel Dla-tis Stm16 - Cameroon

Camtel Dla2 Stm4 - Cameroon

CAN'L - New Caledonia

Canaca-com - Canada

Canal + Telecom SAS - Guadeloupe

Canal + Telecom SAS - Martinique

Canal + Telecom SAS - Réunion

Canal Digital - Norway

Canal S SRL - Romania

Canal Saturne S.A. - Switzerland

Canalbox Benin - Gabon

Canalbox Benin - Republic of the Congo

Canby Telephone Association - United States

Candor infosolution Pvt - India

Cangere Online Provedor de Internet Ltda - Brazil

CANL - New Caledonia

CANTERBURY - New Zealand

Cantv - Venezuela

CANTV Net. - Venezuela

CANTV Servicios, Venezuela - Venezuela

CANTV Servicios - Venezuela Communications - Canada

CAP-IOS - Netherlands

Capaix Connectic - France

Capgemini India Pvt - India

Capgemini Outsourcing Services GmbH - Switzerland

Capgemini U.S. LLC - France

Capinzal NET - Brazil

Capita Business Services Ltd - United Kingdom

Capital Communication - India

Capital One Financial Corporation - United States


Capitalonline Data Service Co., LTD - Germany

Capixaba Telecomunicação Ltda Me - Brazil

Capris Group - Canada

CapRock UK Ltd - United Kingdom

Capsule Networks Pvt - India

Capture Network Systems Pvt - India

Carangola Telecomunicacoes Ltda-epp - Brazil

Carat Networks - Canada

Cargill - United States

CariNet - United States

Caririweb Provedores De Internet Ltda - Brazil

CARISMA, spol. s r.o. - Slovakia

Carla Machado Internet Me - Brazil

CARLISLE - United States

Carlos Alves da Silva - ME - Brazil

Carnegie Mellon University - United States

CARNET - Croatia

Carnival Cruise Lines - United States

Carnival Internet - Bangladesh

Carolina Internet - United States

Carpathia Hosting, LLC - United States

Carpathia Hosting - United States

Carphone Warehouse Broadband Services - United Kingdom

Carrasco Leonardo Javier - Argentina

Carrier - Austria

Carrierenabler S.L. - Spain

Carry Telecom - Canada

Carrytel - Canada

Cartago DHCP - Costa Rica

Cas Servicos De Comunicacao Multimidia Ltda - Me - Brazil

Casa Marrakech 4G MarocTelecom - Morocco

Casablanca INT - Czechia

Casablanca INT fraction - Czechia

Casavision, S.A. - Nicaragua

Cascade Access, LLC - United States

Cascadelink - United States

Case Western Reserve University - United States

Cass Cable TV - United States

Cast Solucoes em Telecomunicacoes Ltda - Brazil

Castle Access Inc - United States

Castor Holding B.V - Netherlands

CAT-BB - Thailand

CAT-IDC2-Service - Thailand

CAT-my - Thailand

CAT-Nonthaburi - Thailand

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited - Laos

CAT Telecom Public Company Limited - Thailand

CAT Telecom public company Ltd - Thailand - United States

Catalyst Host - United States

Catanduva sistemas a cabo ltda. - Brazil

Catawba College - United States

Caterpillar, Inc. - United States

Catholic Education Network - Australia

Catholic Network Australia - Australia

Catholic University of DAEGU - Republic of Korea

Cats-Net Limited - Tanzania

CATV dynamic clients pool Cell - Hungary

CAU - South Korea

Caucasian Branch of PJSC MegaFon - Russia


Caucasus digital network - Georgia

Caucasus Online LLC - Georgia

Caucasus Online Ltd. - Georgia

CBB - Germany

cbcnet GmbH - Germany

CBE Hosting Internet LTD - Israel


Cbeyond Communications - United States

CBizz B.V. - Netherlands

CBN - Indonesia

CBNNAP - Indonesia

Cc-internet Karlovy-vary - Czechia

CC Communications - United States

CC INTERNET s.r.o. - Czechia

CCC-CABLE - United States

CCCDA - Germany

CCLOUD - Australia

CCM Benchmark Group SAS - France

CCN - China

CCNEP - Nepal

CCNST A - Germany

CCNST Christof Englmeier e.K. - Germany

CCNST Deutschland GmbH - Germany

CCNW - Japan

CCU - China

CD-Telematika - Czechia

CD-Telematika a.s. - Czech Republic

CD-Telematika a.s. - Czechia

CDE Lightband - United States

CDGTH - Thailand

CDIM - China

CDK Global - Puerto Rico

CDN77-AMS-4th - Netherlands

CDN77 - Amsterdam POP - Netherlands

CDN77 - Amsterdam POP II. - Netherlands

CDN77 - Amsterdam POP III - Netherlands

CDN77 - Atlanta POP - United States

CDN77 - Chicago POP - United States

CDN77 - Chicago POP II - United States

CDN77 - Frankfurt POP - Germany

CDN77 - London POP - United Kingdom

CDN77 - London POP - II. - United Kingdom

CDN77 - New York POP - United States

CDN77 - Paris POP II - France

Cdn77 - PRG - Czechia

CDN77 - Stockholm POP - Sweden

CDN77 - Warsaw POP I - Poland

Cdn77 ATL - United States

CDN77 Milan - Italy

Cdn77 NYC - United States

Cdn77 PRG POP - Czechia

CDN77 Tokyo - Japan

CDNetworks - Ivory Coast

CDNetworks - South Korea

CDS - Hong Kong

CDW Technologies - United States


Cebridge Connections - United States

CECQ - China

Cednet Provedor Internet - Brazil

Cegeka Hasselt Datacenter - Belgium

CEGETEL - France

CEGETEL France - France

Celcom (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd - Malaysia

Celcom Axiata Berhad - Malaysia

Celcom Internet Service Provider - Malaysia

CELCOMNET - Malaysia

CELESTE Network - France

CELESTE Network # 8 - France

Celeste SAS - France

Cell C - South Africa

Cell C (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

CELLC - South Africa

CELLC 3G - South Africa

CELLC Corporate - South Africa

Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless - United States

Cellcom-Israel - Israel

Cellcom - United States

Cellkabel - Hungary

Cellnet - Iraq

Celltex Networks, LLC - United States

Celltone Bayar - India

Celulosa Arauco y Constitucion S.A. - Chile

CELY - China

CeneMedia - Botswana

CENIC - United States

Cenitex - Australia

Censit Network - Netherlands

Censys, Inc. - United States

Centaur Cable - Belize

Centene Corporation - United States

Centennial Cayman Corp Chile S.A - Chile

Center-Telekom LLC - Russia

Center Prestadora Serviços S/C Ltda - Brazil

CENTER TE - Russia

Centerhop Pte. Ltd. - Singapore

CenterTelecom Tver branch xDSL - Russia

CenterTelecom Voronezh ISP - Russia

Centex Hosting - United States

Centier Bank - United States

Centraal Buro Arbiedsvoorzieningen, Den Haag - Netherlands

Central Server Informática Ltda - Brazil

Central Solutions Technology S.r.l. - Dominican Republic

Central Telegraph Public Joint-stock Company - Russia

Central TV and Internet Limited - Belize


Centrilogic - United States

Centro De Administracion - Nicaragua

Centro De Operacoes Network Ltda - Brazil

Centro Estatal de Tecnologias de Informacion y Com - Mexico

Century Telecom Ltda - Brazil

CenturyLink - United States

CenturyLink Communications, LLC - United States

CenturyLink Communications - Australia

CenturyLink Communications - United States


Cepain Telecom - Brazil

CEPATNET - Indonesia

Cerberos s.r.o. - Czechia

Cerberus Networks Ltd - United Kingdom

CERFnet - United States

CERIST - Algeria

CERN - European Organization for Nuclear Research - Switzerland

Cerner Corporation - United States

CERNET-3TN - China

CERNET - China


CERNET New Technology Co., Ltd - China

CERNET Newtech - China


CESAL s.r.o. - Czechia

Ceska sit s.r.o. - Czechia

Ceska Telekomunikacni Infrastruktura a.s - Czechia

Ceske vysoke uceni technicke v Praze - Czechia

Ceskomoravske informacni systemy s.r.o. - Czech Republic

Cesky Bezdrat - Czechia

CESNET-TCZ - Czechia

CESNET6-TCZ - Czechia

CESNET z.s.p.o. - Czech Republic

CESNET z.s.p.o. - Czechia

Cessna Aircraft Company - United States

CETIN - Czechia

Cew Serviços e Informática EIRELE-EPP - Brazil

CGATES - Lithuania

CGATES - Republic of Lithuania

CGI Sverige AB - Sweden

CGN - Qatar

CGN - Saudi Arabia

Cgnat D.malta - Bosnia and Herzegovina

CGNAT users of Vectra S.A. - Poland

CGWNET - China



CH.VTX LIR - Switzerland

CH.VTX LIR Range - Switzerland

Chaco Comunicaciones S.A. - Paraguay

Chandranet Pvt.Ltd - India

ChangZhou Bitcomm Software Technology Co - China

Channel Broardcasting Cable - Belize


Chaos Darmstadt e.V. - Germany

Chariton Valley Telephone Corporation - United States

Charles River Operation - United States

Charlley Pereira DA Silva - Brazil

CHARTER - United States

Charter Communications, Inc - United States

Charter Communications - United States

Charter Communications Inc - United States

Chattr Ltd - United Kingdom

CHECS - United States

CheeryZone - China

Cheetech Information Technology Co., Ltd. - Cambodia

CHELLO - Netherlands

chello Broadband - Netherlands

Chello Broadband - Amsterdam - Netherlands

Chelyabinsk-Signal - Russia

Chelyabinsk-Signal LLC - Russia

Chelyshev Sergej Aleksandrovich - Netherlands

Chelyshev Sergej Aleksandrovich - Russia

Chen Qi Wang Luo Information Technology - China

CHENBRO - Taiwan

Cherry Servers - Lithuania

Chetan Internet Services - India

Chevron Corporation - United States

Chevron Oil Field Research Company - United States

Chicago Public Library - United States

ChicagoNet Online Services - United States

Chickasaw Telephone - United States

CHIEF - Taiwan

Chief Telecom - Taiwan

Chiliy Valery Mykhaylovych PE - Russia


China Broadcasting TV Net - China

China Cable Television Network Co.,LTD - China

China Cable Television Network Co. - China

China Digital Kingdom Technology Co.,Ltd. - China

China Education and Research Network - China

China Education and Research Network Center - China

China eGovNet Information Center - China

China Great Wall Internet Server Provider - China

China Huadian Corportation - China

China Internet Network Information Center - China

China Mobile - China

China Mobile - Hong Kong

China Mobile Communications Corporation - China

China Mobile Guangdong - China

China Mobile Shandong - China

China Netcom Broadband Corporation - China

China Network Information Center - China

China Networks Inter-Exchange - China

China Networks Inter-Exchange - United States

China Next Generation Internet CERNET2 - China

CHINA RAILWAY Internet Guangdong Branch - China

China Railway Telecommunications - China

China Science & Technology Network - China

China Telecom - China


China Telecom (Group) - China

China Telecom (Group - China

China Telecom Anhui - China

China Telecom Beijing - China

China Telecom Chongqing - China

China Telecom fujian - China

China Telecom Gansu - China

China Telecom Guangdong - China

China Telecom Guangxi - China

China Telecom Guizhou - China

China Telecom Hainan - China

China Telecom hebei - China

China Telecom Heilongjiang - China

China Telecom Henan - China

China Telecom Hubei - China

China Telecom Hunan - China

China Telecom jiangsu - China

China Telecom Jiangsu Province - China

China Telecom Jiangxi - China

China Telecom JILIN - China

China Telecom Liaoning - China

China Telecom Mobile - China

China Telecom neimeng - China

China Telecom NeiMengGu - China

China Telecom network - China

China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network - China

China Telecom ningxia - China

China Telecom Qinghai - China

China Telecom SHAANXI - China

China Telecom Shaanxi Province - China

China Telecom Shandong - China

China Telecom Shanghai - China

China Telecom shangxi - China

China Telecom Shanxi(SN) - China

China Telecom Shanxi - China

China Telecom Sichuan - China

China Telecom TIANJIN - China

China Telecom xinjiang - China

China Telecom Xizang(Tibet) - China

China Telecom Xizang - China

China Telecom Yunnan - China

China Telecom Zhejiang - China

China Telecom Zhejiang Province - China

China TelecomCenter - China

China TieTong - China

China Tietong Telecommunication Corporation - China

China Tietong Telecommunication Corporation - United States

China TieTong Telecommunications Corporation - China

China Unicom - China

China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited - Hong Kong

CHINA UNICOM Industrial Internet Backbone - China

China Unicom IP network China169 Guangdong province - China

China Unicom IP network China169 Guangdong province - United States

China Unicom Anhui Province Network - China

China Unicom Beijing - China

China Unicom Beijing Province Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Anhui Province Network - China

CHINA UNICOM China169 Backbone - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Fujian Province Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Guangdong Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Guangdong Province Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Guizhou Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Hunan Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Hunan Province Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Jiangsu Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Jiangsu Province Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Jilin Province network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Neimeng Province Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Shandong Province Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Shanghai Province Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Sichuan Province Network - China

China Unicom CHINA169 Xinjiang Network - China

China Unicom Chongqing Province Network - China

China Unicom Cloud Data Company Limited - China

China Unicom CncNet - China

China Unicom Fujian Province Network - China

China Unicom Gansu Province Network - China

China Unicom Guangdong - China

China Unicom Guangdong province - China

China Unicom Guangdong Province Network - China

China Unicom Guangxi Province Network - China

China Unicom Guangzhou network - China

China Unicom Guizhou Province Network - China

China Unicom Hainan Province Network - China

China Unicom Hebei - China

China Unicom Hebei Province Network - China

China Unicom Heilongjiang - China

China Unicom Heilongjiang Province Network - China

China Unicom Henan - China

China Unicom Henan Province Network - China

China Unicom Hubei Province Network - China

China Unicom Hunan Province Network - China

China Unicom IP network - China

China Unicom Jiangsu Province Network - China

China Unicom Jiangxi Province Network - China

China Unicom Jilin Province Network - China

China Unicom Liaoning - China

China Unicom Liaoning Province Network - China

China Unicom Neimeng - China

China Unicom Neimeng Province Network - China

China Unicom Network - China

China Unicom Ningxia - China

China Unicom Ningxia Province Network - China

China Unicom QingHai - China

China Unicom Qinghai Province Network - China

China Unicom Shandong - China

China Unicom Shandong Province Network - China

CHINA UNICOM Shanghai city network - China

China Unicom Shanghai network - China

China Unicom Shanghai Province Network - China

China Unicom Shannxi - China

China Unicom Shanxi - China

China Unicom Shanxi Province Network - China

China Unicom SiChuan - China

China Unicom Sichuan Province Network - China

China Unicom Tianjin - China

China Unicom Tianjin Province Network - China

China Unicom Xinjiang - China

China Unicom Xizang Province Network - China

China Unicom Yunnan - China

China Unicom Yunnan Province Network - China

China Unicom Zhejiang - China

China Unicom Zhejiang Province Network - China


Chinafic - China


Chinanet - China




CHINANET - Germany










CHINANET - Switzerland

Chinanet - United States





Chinanet Cdma Network - China

Chinanet Gansu Province Network - China

CHINANET Guangdong province Dongguan MAN network - China

CHINANET Guangdong province Foshan MAN network - China

CHINANET Guangdong province Guangzhou MAN network - China

CHINANET Guangdong province Guangzhou MAN network - Japan

CHINANET Guangdong province network - China

CHINANET Guangdong province Shenzhen MAN network - China

CHINANET Guangdong province Shenzhen MAN network - United States

Chinanet Hebei Province Network - China

CHINANET Hubei province network - China

Chinanet Jiangsu - China

CHINANET jiangsu province network - China

CHINANET Jiangx province IDC network - China

CHINANET Nanjing IDC network - China

CHINANET Sichuan province Chengdu MAN network - China

CHINANET SiChuan Telecom Internet Data Center - China


CHINATELECOM Guangdong province Zhaoqing 5G network - China

CHINATELECOM JiangSu YangZhou IDC networkdescr: YangZhou, Jiangsu Province, P. - China

Chinatelecom Next Carrying Network backbone - China

Chinese Science & Technology Network - China

Chishko Evgeniy Nikolaevich - Ukraine

ChitaRoute-migrate - Russia

Chitrawan2 - Nepal

Chittagong Online Limited. - Bangladesh

Chiyoda-ku - Japan

Chl Technology - India

Chloride Group Limited - Netherlands

CHML Web Services SRL - Romania

Choice Hotels International, Inc. - United States

Chonnam National University - Republic of Korea

Choopa, LLC - Australia

Choopa, LLC - Canada

Choopa, LLC - Denmark

Choopa, LLC - France

Choopa, LLC - Germany

Choopa, LLC - Greece

Choopa, LLC - Japan

Choopa, LLC - Netherlands

Choopa, LLC - Singapore

Choopa, LLC - Slovakia

Choopa, LLC - South Korea

Choopa, LLC - United Kingdom

Choopa, LLC - United States

Choopa - Australia

Choopa - Canada

Choopa - France

Choopa - Germany

Choopa - Japan

Choopa - Netherlands

Choopa - Singapore

Choopa - United Kingdom

Choopa - United States

Chopin Telewizja Kablowa spolka z ograniczona odpo - Poland

CHP "Mediana-Servis" - Ukraine

CHP Poddubny Sergey Valentynovich - Ukraine

Christus Health - United States

Chubu Telecommunications Co.,Inc. - Japan

Chubu Telecommunications Company, Inc. - Japan

Chubu Telecommunications Company - Japan

Chunghwa Telecom - Taiwan

Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. - Taiwan

Ci Centro De Informações Ltda - Brazil

Cia Proc. de Dados do Estado de S Paulo - Prodesp - Brazil


CiberConceito Informatica e Servicos Unipessoal, L - Portugal

Cibernek Srl - Argentina

CIBN - China

CIC 1 - Italy

Cifra1 - Russia

Cifrova Kabelna Korporacia EOOD - Bulgaria

Cifrovye Dispetcherskie Sistemy - Ukraine

CIK Telecom - Canada

CIK Telecom INC - Canada

Ciklum - Ukraine

Ciklum LLC - Ukraine

CILEA - Italy

CILNET Comunicacao e Informatica LTDA. - Brazil

Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company LLC - United States

CINECA - Italy

Cineca Consorzio Interuniversitario - Italy

Cinergy Communications - United States

CIOM - China

Cipherkey Exchange Corp. - Canada

Cipherwave - South Africa

CipherWave Storage Solutions (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

CIRA Canadian Internet Registration Authority Autorit Canadienne pour les enregi - Canada

CIRB-CIBG - Belgium

CIRBN, LLC - United States

circ IT GmbH & Co KG - Germany

Circle K Corporation - United States

Circlecom - Indonesia


CirCleNetwork Bangladesh - Bangladesh

Cirrus Communications - Australia

Cirrus Communications Pty - Australia

Cirrus Tech - Canada


Cisco OpenDNS, LLC - Brazil

Cisco Systems, Inc. - India

Cisco Systems, Inc. - Netherlands

Cisco Systems, Inc. - United Kingdom

Cisco Systems, Inc. - United States

Cisco Systems - Japan

Cisco Systems - Netherlands

Cisco Systems - United States

Cisco Systems Ironport Division - United States

CISP - United States

CISP Assignment3 SN1 - South Africa

Citadel Crimea Ltd. - Russia

Citarella S.A. - Argentina

Citgo Petroleum - United States

CITIC Networks Management Co., Ltd. - China

CITIC Networks Management Co.,Ltd. - China

CITIC Telecom CPC Netherlands B.V. - Estonia

CITIC Telecom CPC Netherlands B.V. - Lithuania


CITICNET - United States

Citicorp - United States

Citinet LLC - Mongolia

Citinet LLC - Russia

Citinet Pppoe - Mongolia

Citizens Telephone Cooperative - United States

Citrix - United States

Citta' Studi S.p.A. - Italy

CITTEL Telecommunications - Russia

City-Telekom LLC - Russia

CITY.NET Ltd. - Ukraine

City Bank - United States

City Cable - India

City Net Communication - Bangladesh

City Network Hosting - Sweden

City Network Hosting AB - Germany

City Network Hosting AB - Sweden

City Network Hosting AB - United Kingdom

City of Albuquerque - United States

City of Jacksonville - United States

City Of Lewisville - United States

City of Malmo - Sweden

City of Portland - United States

City of Roseville - United States

City of San Diego - United States

City of Tacoma - United States

City of Tucson - United States

City of Westfield (Gas & Electric Light Department) - United States

City Online - Bangladesh

City Online - India

City Online Ltd - Bangladesh

City Partner Spolka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnosc - Poland

City Telecom Co. LTD - Iraq

City Telecom Co. LTD. - Iraq

City University of New York - United States

City West Cable & Telephone Corp. - Canada

City Wide Communications - Canada

Citycable - Switzerland

Citycom Network - Bangladesh

Citycom Networks Pvt - India

CityLan LLC - Russia

CITYLINK - New Zealand

CityLink Ltd - Russia

Citylink Solutions - Singapore


Citymedia Net - Poland

Citymesh NV - Belgium

CityNet - Azerbaijan

Citynet Marcin Sobala - Piotr Misiuda - Poland

CityNet Telekom - Turkey

CityNet Telekom Ltd. - Turkey

CityOnline Services - India

CityOnline Services Pvt - India

Ciudad Neilly - Costa Rica

Ciudad Quesada - Costa Rica

Cizgi Telekom Network - Turkey

Cizgi Telekomunikasyon Anonim Sirketi - Cyprus

Cizgi Telekomunikasyon Anonim Sirketi - Turkey

Cj-hellovision - Republic of Korea


CJ2 - Netherlands

CJ2 Hosting - Netherlands

CJ Hello Co - South Korea

CJ Hello Co., Ltd. - South Korea

CJ Hello Co. - South Korea

CJ Hello Internet - Republic of Korea

Cjm Consultancy Servicies Pvt - India

CJSC "AVIEL" - Russia

CJSC "Company "ER-Telecom" - Russia

CJSC "Company "ER-Telecom" Nizhny Novgorod - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Barnaul branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Cheboksary branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Chelyabinsk branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Irkutsk branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Izhevsk branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Kazan' branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Krasnoyarsk branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Nizhny Novgorod branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Omsk branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Penza branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Rostov-na-Donu branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Samara branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Saratov branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Tomsk branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Tula branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Tver' branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Tyumen' branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Volgograd branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Voronezh branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Yaroslavl' branch - Russia

CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" Yekaterinburg branch - Russia

CJSC "Telecomm Technology" - Tajikistan

CJSC "Transtelecom-DV" - Russia

CJSC "Ural-TransTeleCom" - Russia

CJSC "Volgograd-GSM" - Russia

CJSC International Communications Company - Russia

CJSC Intertax - Russia

CJSC Kolomna-Sviaz TV - Russia

Cjsc the First - Russia

CJSC Ural WES - Russia


CKPOLSL - Poland

Cl-teemsr-lacnic - Chile

Clackamas Education Service District - United States

CLARA - United Kingdom

CLARAFR - France

CLARANET-DE 8196:1 8196:100 - Germany

Claranet France - France

ClaraNET LTD - United Kingdom

Claranet Portugal Telecomunicacoes S.A. - Portugal

Claranet SOHO - Portugal

CLARANL - Netherlands

Clarity Telecom LLC - United States

Clark County School District - United States

Clarksville Department of Electricity - United States

Claro Argentina - Argentina

Claro Chile - Chile

Claro Chile S.A. - Chile

Claro Colombia - Colombia

Claro Dominican Republic - Dominican Republic

Claro Ecuador - Ecuador

Claro Guatemala Static IP - Guatemala

Claro Nicaragua - Nicaragua

Claro Panamá S.A. - Panama

Claro Peru - Peru

Claro S.A - Brazil

Claro S.A. - Brazil

Claro S/A - Brazil

Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd - Nepal

Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd. - Nepal

Classic Tech Pvt Ltd - Nepal

Classicnet Broadband Network - India

ClassicTech Pvt. - Nepal

ClassicTech Pvt. Ltd. - Nepal

Claudemon Silveira - Me - Brazil

CLDREU - Hong Kong

CLDREU - Indonesia

Clean Net Telecom Ltda - Brazil

Clear Path Networks - Philippines

Clear Path Networks Inc - Philippines

Clear Sign SRL - Romania

Clear Wireless - United States

Clear Wireless LLC - United States

ClearBlue Technologies - United States

ClearMedia GmbH - Switzerland

Clearwave Communications - United States

Cleveland Clinic Foundation - United States

Clic Rapido Eireli - Brazil

Clicfacil Computadores - Brazil

Click! Network - United States

Click4net Internet Services P Ltd - India

Click Tecnologia e Telecomunicação Ltda - Brazil

Click Turbo Internet - Brazil



Client's network - India

Client Jakarta 5 8 Iconpln - Indonesia

Client Serviços e Telecomunicacoes Ltda - Brazil

Clientes Netlife - Ecuador

CLIO - Italy

CLOSE - United Kingdom

Closed Joint Stock Company Russian company - Russia

Closed Joint Stock Company TransTeleCom - Russia

Cloud - Greece

CLOUD - Netherlands

Cloud4all UG - Germany

Cloud4you AG - Germany

CLOUD 7 WIRELESS NETWORKS Private Limited - India

Cloud 9 Internet, Inc. - United States

Cloud Builders SA - Spain

Cloud Communications, LLC - United States

Cloud Company for General Services Ltd - Iraq

Cloud Computing Corporation - China

Cloud Computing for Information Technology LLC - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Cloud Connect - Netherlands

Cloud Core LP - France

Cloud Core LP - Netherlands

Cloud Hosting - India

Cloud Hosting Co - Thailand

CLOUD Serverius - Russia

Cloud Shield - India

Cloud Sigma - United States

Cloud Solutions Ltd - Russia

Cloud South - United States

Cloud Valley Technology Limited - Hong Kong

CLOUD WebDC collocation - Russia

CloudConnect Networks - South Africa

Cloudfire s.r.l. - Italy

Cloudflare, Inc - France

Cloudflare, Inc - Singapore

Cloudflare, Inc. - Australia

Cloudflare, Inc. - Canada

Cloudflare, Inc. - El Salvador

Cloudflare, Inc. - France

Cloudflare, Inc. - Germany

Cloudflare, Inc. - Hong Kong

Cloudflare, Inc. - India

Cloudflare, Inc. - Italy

Cloudflare, Inc. - Malaysia

Cloudflare, Inc. - Netherlands

Cloudflare, Inc. - Poland

Cloudflare, Inc. - Spain

Cloudflare, Inc. - Sweden

Cloudflare, Inc. - United States

Cloudflare - Canada


CLOUDFLARE - Netherlands

CLOUDFLARE - United States

Cloudflare Hong Kong - United States



CloudHosting SIA - Latvia

Cloudi Nextgen SL - Spain

Cloudie - Hong Kong

Cloudie Limited - China

Cloudie Limited - Hong Kong


CloudInnovation infrastructure - South Africa

CloudInnovation infrastructure - United States

CloudIP LLC - United States

Clouditalia S.p.A - Italy

Clouditalia S.p.A. - Italy

Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni S.p.A - Italy

Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni S.P.A. - Italy


Cloudlayer8 Limited - Cyprus


CloudMosa - United States

cloudone - Bangladesh

Cloudone Technology Company Limited - Vietnam

CloudRadium L.L.C - United States

CloudRoute, LLC - United States

CloudRoute - United States

CloudSigma - Switzerland

CloudSigma - United States

Cloudsigma Ag - Switzerland

CLOUDSIGMA AG - United States

Cloudvpn Inc. - United States

CloudVPS - United States

CloudVsp - China

CloudVsp.Inc - China


Clouvider Limited - Germany

Clouvider Limited - Netherlands

Clouvider Limited - Turkey

Clouvider Limited - United Kingdom

Clouvider Limited - United States

Clouvider NYC2 - United States

CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd - Hong Kong

Clues IPs - Romania

Cluster Logic Inc - United States

CM-CCTV-TC - Taiwan

CM Value Added Services (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

CMB - Republic of Korea

CMB - South Korea

CMC Telecom - United States

CMC Telecom Infrastructure Company - Vietnam

CMC Telecom Service Company - Vietnam

CMC Telecommunications Services Company - Vietnam


CMCHCM - Vietnam


CMData - China

CMDNET Internet & Informática Ltda - Brazil

CMIS - Czechia

CMPak - Pakistan

CMPak Limited - Pakistan


CN2 Jiangsu Province Network - China

CNAMTS - France

CNBKNS - Vietnam

CNC.AZ MMC - Azerbaijan

CNC D-Tex-Internet-by-AWN - Thailand

CNC Group CHINA169 AnHui province network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Chongqing Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Fujian Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Gansu Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Guangdong Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Guangxi Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Guizhou Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Hainan Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Hebei Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Heilongjiang Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Henan Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Hubei Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Hunan Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Jiangsu Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Jiangxi Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Jilin Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Liaoning Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Neimeng Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Ningxia Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Shan1xi Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Shandong Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Shanghai Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Shanni Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Shannxi Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Shanxi Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Sichuan Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Tianjin Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Xinjiang Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Yunnan Province Network - China

CNC Group CHINA169 Zhejiang Province Network - China

CNC Group CncNet - China

CNC Group Guangdong province network - China

CNC Group Jiangsu province network - China

CNCA - France

CNCGroup CHINA169 FuJian province network - China

CNCGroup JiangSu YaZhou Man network - China

CNET Europe S.A. - United States

Cnetwork Srl - Romania



CNISP-Union Technology (Beijing) Co. - China

CNLink Networks - China


CNNIC-ALIBABA-US-NET-AP Alibaba (US) Technology Co., Ltd. - Hong Kong

CNNIC - China

CNNIC-CTTSDNET-AP china tietong Shandong net - China

CNNIC-TENCENT-NET-AP Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited - China

Cnnic-tietong-ap China Tietong Shanghai - China

CNODE - Japan

CNP-MGT - Germany

CNRST (Centre National pour la Recherche Scientifi - Morocco

CNS-Internet - United States

CNS Infotel Services Pvt. - India

Cnservers LLC - Spain

Cnservers LLC - United States

CNT-network - Russia

Co-Mo Comm - United States

Co-Mo Comm Inc - United States

Co-Mo Connect - United States

Co-Operative Networking Services - South Africa - Paraguay

Cobalt IT - Romania

Cobe Laboratories - United States

COBION - Germany

COBRANET - Nigeria

Cobranet Limited - Nigeria

Cobridge Communications LLC - United States

Coc Coc Company Limited - Vietnam

COCCOC - Vietnam

CODELCO Chuquicamata - Chile

Codero - United States

Coditel Brabant SPRL/BVBA - Belgium

Cogeco Cable - Canada

Cogeco Cable Holdings - Canada

Cogeco Cable Inc. - Canada

Cogeco Communications Holdings, Inc. - Canada

Cogeco Communications Holdings - Canada

Cogeco Communications Inc. - Canada

Cogeco Connexion inc - Canada

Cogeco Data Services LP - Canada

Cogeco Peer 1 - Canada

Cogeco Peer 1 - United Kingdom

Cogeco Peer 1 - United States

Cogeco Telecom - Canada

Cogecodata - Canada

Cogent Communications - Canada

Cogent Communications - Croatia

Cogent Communications - Czechia

Cogent Communications - Finland

Cogent Communications - France

Cogent Communications - Germany

Cogent Communications - Greece

Cogent Communications - Italy

Cogent Communications - Mexico

Cogent Communications - Netherlands

Cogent Communications - Philippines

Cogent Communications - Portugal

Cogent Communications - Slovakia

Cogent Communications - South Africa

Cogent Communications - Spain

Cogent Communications - Sweden

Cogent Communications - United Kingdom

Cogent Communications - United States

Cogent Communications Group, Inc. - Germany

Cogent Communications Group, Inc. - Spain

Cogent Communications Group, Inc. - United Kingdom

Cogent Communications Group - Germany

COGETEL Co - Cambodia

Cogetel Online - Cambodia


Cognizant - United States

Cognizant Technology Solutions India Pvt - India

COL - Bangladesh

Colba Net - Canada

Colba Net Inc. - Canada

COLBJ - China

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory - United States

Colgate University - United States

Colleagues Technology CO., LIMITED - Hong Kong

Collective Production Enterprise Yapic.Net - Russia

Collin County Community College District - United States

Colmena LLC - Armenia


Colo4, LLC - United States

Colobridge GmbH - Germany

Colocall Ltd - Ukraine

Colocall Ltd. - Ukraine

ColocateUSA - Netherlands

Colocation America Corporation - Argentina

Colocation America Corporation - Austria

Colocation America Corporation - Belgium

Colocation America Corporation - Brazil

Colocation America Corporation - China

Colocation America Corporation - Denmark

Colocation America Corporation - France

Colocation America Corporation - Germany

Colocation America Corporation - Hong Kong

Colocation America Corporation - Italy

Colocation America Corporation - Mexico

Colocation America Corporation - Spain

Colocation America Corporation - Switzerland

Colocation America Corporation - United Kingdom

Colocation America Corporation - United States


COLOCENTER - Netherlands


Colocore GmbH - Switzerland

ColoCrossing - Canada

ColoCrossing - Estonia

ColoCrossing - Panama

ColoCrossing - United Kingdom

ColoCrossing - United States

Cologlobal - United States

Colombia Móvil - Colombia

Colombia Telecomunicaciones S.a. ESP - Colombia

Colombiatel Telecomunicaciones - Colombia

ColoSpace, Inc. - United States

ColoSpace - United States

Colosseum Online - Canada

Colossus - United States

ColoUp - United States

COLT Engine S.r.l. - Italy

COLT Internet CH - Switzerland

COLT Internet IT - Italy

COLT network - Germany

Colt Technologies - Germany

Colt Technology Services - France

Colt Technology Services - Germany

Colt Technology Services - Italy

Colt Technology Services - Netherlands

Colt Technology Services - Spain

Colt Technology Services - United Kingdom

Colt Technology Services Co. - Japan

COLT Technology Services Group Limited - Belgium

COLT Technology Services Group Limited - France

COLT Technology Services Group Limited - Germany

COLT Technology Services Group Limited - Italy

COLT Technology Services Group Limited - Netherlands

COLT Technology Services Group Limited - Spain

COLT Technology Services Group Limited - Switzerland

COLT Technology Services Group Limited - United Kingdom

Columbia University - United States

Columbus Communication St. Vincent and the Grenadi - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Columbus Communication St. Vincent and the Grenadines Ltd. - Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Columbus Communications Curacao NV - Curacao

Columbus Communications Curacao NV - Curaçao

Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited - Trinidad and Tobago

Columbus Communications Trinidad Limited. - Trinidad and Tobago

Columbus Networks Colombia - Colombia

Columbus Networks de Colombia Limitada - Colombia

Columbus Networks de Colombia Limitada - Honduras

Columbus Networks Dominicana - Dominican Republic

Columbus Networks El Salvador SA de CV - El Salvador

Columbus Networks USA, Inc. - Colombia

Columbus Networks USA - Jamaica

Columbus Networks USA - United States

Columbus Telecommunications (Barbados) Limited - Barbados

Com - United States

Com Hem - Sweden

Com Hem AB - Sweden

Com Net - United States

COMA - Czechia

COMA s.r.o. - Czechia

combahton GmbH - Germany

combahton IT Services - Germany

combahton IT Services UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) - Germany



Combridge - Hungary

Comcable SA - France

COMCAST-33491 - Comcast Cable Communications, LLC - United States

Comcast - United States

Comcast Business - United States

Comcast Business Communications - United States

Comcast Cable - United States

Comcast Cable Communications, LLC - United States

Comcast Cable Communications - United States

Comcast Cable Communications Holdings - United States

Comcast IP Services - United States

Comcast Telecommunications - United States

Comcel Guatemala S.A - Guatemala

Comcel Guatemala S.A. - Guatemala

Comcel S.A - Colombia

Comcel S.A. - Colombia

Comcen - Australia

Comclark - Philippines

ComClark Network & Technology Corp - Philippines - Russia

Comelec Internet Services LLC - United States

Comenius University in Bratislava - Slovakia

Comfo LTD - Ukraine

Comfortel Ltd. - Russia

COMHEM - Sweden

Comilla Online - Bangladesh

Comlink ISP - Russia

Commcorp Comunicacoes Ltda - Brazil

Commercial Bank Uralfinance LLC - Russia

Commercial customer K18 - Russia

Commnet Wireless LLC - United States

Commonwealth of Massachusetts - United States


Commtouch Inc. - United States

Communaute Urbaine De Strasbourg - France

Communication and International Trading Company S. - Lebanon

CommunicationOne Pvt. - Bangladesh

CommunicationOne Pvt. Ltd - Bangladesh

Communications & Nepal Pvt Ltd - Nepal

Communications and IT Research Institute - Iran

CommuniLink - Hong Kong

CommuniLink Internet Limited. - China

Community Cable Vision Corporation - Philippines

Community Fibre Limited - United Kingdom

Community Internet Providers, LLC - United States

Community Network Center - Japan

Community Network Center Inc. - Japan

Community Network Center Incorporated. - Japan

CommZoom LLC - United States

ComNet - Bulgaria

COMNET - Guatemala

Comnet Bilgi Iletisim Teknolojileri Ticaret A.S. - Turkey

Comnet Bulgaria Holding Ltd. - Bulgaria

ComNet Bulgaria Ltd - Bulgaria

ComNet Bulgaria Ltd. - Bulgaria

Comnet Pty Ltd - Lesotho

COMNET Sh.p.k - Albania

COMNET Sh.p.k - Kosovo

Comores Telecom - Comoros

Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau - Macao

Companhia de Telecomunicacoes de Macau SARL - Macao

Companhia Energetica De Minas Gerais - Brazil

Companhia Itabirana Telecomunicações Ltda - Brazil

Compania Espanola de Petroleos S.A. - Spain

Company group "Velton.Telecom" - Ukraine

Company Krastelekom Ltd. - Russia

Company Skynet Ltd - Russia

Company Telecom Ltda - Brazil

Company with additional responsibility ""BEST" - Ukraine

Company with additional responsibility Company BES - Ukraine

Compass Communications - New Zealand

Compañía Dominicana de Teléfonos S. A. - Dominican Republic

Compañía Dominicana de Teléfonos, C. por A. - CODETEL - Dominican Republic

Compañía Dominicana de Teléfonos - Dominican Republic

Compañía Dominicana de Teléfonos S. A. - Dominican Republic

Compic Ltd. - Estonia

Compila Ltd - United Kingdom

Complete Internet Access - United States


CompleTel France - France

CompleTel France NET - France

Completel SAS - France

Complexa Tecnologia da Informação - Brazil

Comporium, Inc - United States

Comporium - United States

Comprehensive Health Management - United States

Comprehensive Health Services - United States

Compsys - United States

Compubyte Limited - Russia

Compuservice Empreendimentos Ltda - Brazil

Comput8 IT (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Computacenter Ltd - United Kingdom

Computer Center - Malaysia

Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd. - Japan

Computer Engineering & Consulting - Japan

Computer Network Information Center - China

Computer Sciences Corporation - India

Computer Sciences Corporation - United States

Computer Services Inc - United States

Computer Services Limited (CSL) - New Zealand

Computer Solutions - United States

ComputerEngineering&Consulting,Ltd. - Japan

Computerline Group Switzerland - Netherlands

Compuweb Communications Services Limited - United Kingdom

COMSATS (Commission on Science and Technology - Pakistan

COMSAVE8 - Netherlands

Comsave BV - Netherlands

ComsenzNet - China

ComsenzNet - Hong Kong

ComsenzNet - Singapore

Comsys (GH) Limited - Ghana

Comsys Ghana Ltd - Ghana

Comteco Ltda - Bolivia

Comteco Ltda - Brazil

Comtel Communications - South Africa

Comtel network - Russia

COMTEX s.r.o. - Czechia

comtrance GmbH - Germany

Comune di Milano - Italy

Comune di Milano Educational addresses - 2 - Italy

Comune di Novara - Italy

Comune di Padova - Italy


Comunicaciones Enersol, S.L. - Spain

Comunicaciones Metropolitanas Cablecolor - Guatemala

Comunicaciones Opticas Waditel, S.L. - Spain

Comunicaciones Wifi Colombia - Colombia

Comunitel Global - Spain


Comvive Servidores S.L - Spain

Comvive Servidores S.L. - Spain

Comwave - Canada

Comwave Telecom - Canada

Comwave Telecom Inc. - Canada

ComX Networks A/S - Denmark

Con-way Inc - United States

Concentrix Europe Limited - United Kingdom

Concepts ICT B.V - Netherlands

Concepts ICT B.V. - Netherlands

Concepts ICT BV - Netherlands

Concisa, Comunicacion, Marketing y Servicios S.L. - Spain

Concorde inc. - Canada

Concordia College - United States - United States

Condornet, s.r.o. - Slovakia

Conduent Business Services, LLC - United States

CONECEL - Ecuador

Conect Provedor de Acesso a Internet Ltda Me - Brazil

Conect TEC Telecomunicacoes Ltda - Brazil

Conect Turbo Provedor de Internet LTDA - Brazil

Conecta - Brazil

Conecta Amazonia Telecom Ltda. - ME - Brazil

Conecta Ltda. - Brazil

Conecta Mar Menor - Spain

Conecta Minas Telecom LTDA - Brazil

Conecta Net Informatica Ltda - Brazil

Conectaw Telecom Ltda - Me - Brazil

Conecte Telecomunicações Ltda. - Brazil

Conectiva Telecom - Brazil

Conectjet Lagos Internet Banda Larga Ltda - ME - Brazil

Conectlan Internet - Brazil

Conectnet Telecomunicações Ltda. - Brazil

Conex Internet - Brazil

Conexão Inove Telecomunicações Ltda Me - Brazil

Conexão Telecom - Brazil

Confluence Networks - United Kingdom

Confort L&CC SRL - Romania

Cong ty Co phan Dich vu du lieu Truc tuyen - Vietnam

Cong ty co phan mang luoi ky thuat cao - Vietnam

Cong ty TNHH Cong nghe Du Lieu AZ VietNam - Vietnam

Congo Telecom - Republic of the Congo

CongoTelecom - Portugal

Congressional Budget Office - United States


Connect - Pakistan

Connect2b 5 - Pakistan

Connect Communication - Pakistan

Connect Communications (Pvt) Ltd - Pakistan

Connect Internet Services - Fiji

Connect Internet Services Limited - Fiji

Connect Maranhao - Brazil

Connect plus s.r.o. - Czechia

Connect Servico de Acesso a Internet Ltda - Brazil

Connect Servicos De Internet Ltda - Me - Brazil

Connect Telecom Herat Afghanistan - Afghanistan

Connect Telecom ISP Afghanistan - Afghanistan

Connect World - India

connecta ag - Switzerland

Connecta Telecom Internet Ltda - Epp - Brazil

ConnecTEL - Pakistan

Connecti Servicos De Comunicacao Ltda - Brazil

Connecticut Education Network - United States

Connectionet Solutions - Canada

Connectionet Solutions - United States

connectis AG - Switzerland

Connectivia S.r.l - Italy

Connesi - Italy

Connetta Srl - Italy

Connexions Services SAL - Lebanon

Connexly LLC - Netherlands

Connextra S.r.l - Italy

ConnorSmith - United Kingdom

ConocoPhillips Company - United States

Conseev LLC - United States

Conseils et Systemes Informatiques - France

CONSIP - Italy

Consolidated Communications, Inc. - United States

Consolidated Communications - United States

Consolidated Smart Systems LLC - United States

Consortium GARR - Italy


Consorzio Terrecablate - Italy

Consorzio TOP IX - Torino E Piemonte Exchange Point CC - Italy

CONTABO - Germany

Contabo GmbH - Brazil

Contabo GmbH - Germany

Contabo GmbH - United States

Contabo Inc. - United States

Contato Internet EIRELI - Brazil

Contel OOO - Russia

Contell LLC - Russia

Content Delivery Network Ltd - Ukraine

Conterra - United States

Contina - France

Contina - Germany

Contina - Japan

Contina - Netherlands

Contina - Romania

Contina - United Kingdom

Contina - United States

Contina Communications, LLC - France

Contina Communications, LLC - United Kingdom

Continent 8 LLC - Canada

Continent 8 LLC - United Kingdom

Continental Broadband Florida, Inc DBA WebUnited - United States


Continental Broadband Pennsylvania - United States

CONTINUM - Germany

Continuum Data Centers, LLC. - United States

Contra Costa County Office of Education - United States

CONUS-RCAS - United States

CONUS-YPG - United States

Converge-ict Solution Inc - Philippines

Converge - Philippines

Converge ICT Solution Inc - Philippines

Converge ICT Solutions - Philippines

Converge Information And Communications Technology - Philippines

Converge Information and Communications Technology Solutions - Philippines

Converged services Coast - Kenya

Converged services Western - Kenya

CONVERGEICT - Philippines

ConvergeICT Solution Inc - Philippines


Convergenze - net - Italy

Convergenze - net1 - Italy

Convergenze S.p.A. - Italy

Convergys Corporation - India

Convergys Corporation - United States

Conway Corporation - United States

Cook County - United States

Cool-ideas - South Africa

Cool Ideas Service Provider (Pty) Ltd - South Africa

Coolhousing s.r.o. - Czech Republic

Coolhousing s.r.o. - Czechia

Coolhousing s.r.o. - United States

Coolnet Communications ltd - Israel

Coolnet New Communication Provider - Israel

Coolnet New Communication Provider - United States

Coolwave Communications B.V. - Netherlands

Coolwave Communications Limited - Ireland

Cooolbox - Bulgaria

Coop. Popular de Elec., Obras y Servicios Pub. de - Argentina

Coop. Popular de Elec., Obras y Servicios Pub. de Santa Rosa LTDA - Argentina

Coop de Electricidad y de Obras y Servicios Pub Lt - Argentina

Coop de Prov.Serv.Telef.Obras y Serv Púb y Soc Vi - Argentina

Coop de Prov.Serv.Telef.Obras y Serv Púb y Soc Virrey del Pino Ltda - Argentina

Coop De Telecom.,de Servicios Multiples,vivienda,p - Argentina

Coop Genossenschaft - Switzerland

Cooperativa Batan de Obras y Serv. Publicos Ltda - Argentina

Cooperativa Colonia Caroya - Argentina

Cooperativa de Colonia Caroya y Jesus Maria Ltda. - Argentina

Cooperativa de Electricidad, Obras y Servicios Pú - Argentina

Cooperativa de Electricidad y Servicios Publicos d - Argentina

Cooperativa De Provision De Servicio Electrico Y O - Argentina

Cooperativa de Provisión de Servicios Publicos de - Argentina

Cooperativa De Servicios Multiples REG - Argentina

Cooperativa de Telecomunicaciones Oruro Ltda - COTEOR - Bolivia

Cooperativa Electrica de Colon (BA) LTDA - Argentina

Cooperativa Electrica Y De Servicios Publicos Lujanense Limitada - Argentina

Cooperativa Telefonica Carlos Tejedor Ltda. - Argentina

Cooperativa Telefonica Del Viso - Argentina

Cooperativa Telefonica OYIKIL LTDA - Argentina

Cooperativa Tres Limites Ltda - Argentina

Cooperativa Villa Giardino de Servicios Publicos L - Argentina

Cooperativa Villa Giardino de Servicios Publicos Ltda - Argentina

Cooperativas De Calamuchita - Consorcio De Coopera - Argentina


Cooperative Investments LLC - Netherlands

Coosto BV - Netherlands

Copel Geração e Transmissão S.A - Brazil

COPEL Telecom - Brazil

COPEL Telecomunicações S.A - Brazil

COPEL Telecomunicações S.A. - Brazil

Copenhagen Airports A/S - Denmark

CoProSys - Czechia

CoProSys a.s. - Czechia

Coral Telecom N.V - Sint Maarten




CORBINA - Russia

Corbina Broadband Krasnodar - Russia

Corbina Broadband Kubtelecom - Russia

Corbina Broadband Orel - Russia

Corbina Broadband Sovam - Russia

Corbina Broadband Stavropol - Russia

Corbina Broadband Ural TEL - Russia

Corbina Kaluga - Russia

Corbina Kazan Broadband - Russia

Corbina Pyatigorsk Broadband - Russia

Corbina Sovam Kemerovo Broadband - Russia

Corbina Sovintel - Russia

Core-Backbone - Czechia


CORE-BACKBONE - Switzerland

CORE-BACKBONE - United Kingdom

Core-Backbone GmbH - Germany

Core-Backbone GmbH - Switzerland

Core-Backbone GmbH - United Kingdom

Core4Net, s.r.o. - Czechia

Core9 Hosting AB - Sweden

Core 178 - Poland

Core NAP, L.P. - United States

Core Net. Broadband - Poland

Core Telecom & It Ltda - Brazil

CORE V - Poland

Coreix Limited - United Kingdom

Coreix Ltd - United Kingdom

CoreLink Data Centers - United States

Corelux - Turkey

CoresNET Ltd - Bulgaria

CoreSpace, Inc. - United States

CoreSpace - Canada

CoreSpace - United States

CoreXchange - United States

Coriolis Telecom SAS - France

Cornell University - United States

CORONADO - Costa Rica

Corporacio Megatel S.L. - Spain

Corporacion Digitel C.A - Venezuela

Corporacion Digitel C.A. - Venezuela

Corporacion Laceibanetsociety - United States

Corporacion Nacional De Telecomunicaciones - Cnt E - Ecuador

Corporacion Nacional De Telecomunicaciones - CNT EP - Ecuador

Corporación Telemic C.A. - Venezuela

Corporación Dana S.A - United States

Corporación Dana S.A. - United States

Corporación Telemic C.A - Venezuela

Corporación Telemic C.A. - Venezuela

Corporate - Georgia

Corporate Broadband - Bangladesh

Corporate Colocation - United States

Corporate Colocation Inc. - United States

Corporate Network - United States

Corporate WEB - ROD - Mauritius

Corporativa Telecomunicacoes Eireli ME - Brazil

Corporatsia ZNAK - Russia

Corridor Communications, INC. - Canada

Corridor Communications - Canada

Cortal Consors SA - Germany

Cortez ON Line Provedor De Internet Ltda - ME - Brazil

Cortland Electronics Corp. - United States

Cosmoline S.A - Greece

Cosmoline Telecommunication Services S.A. - Greece

Cosmonova - Ukraine

Cosmopolitan Communications Limited - Bangladesh

COSMOS Telecom - Belarus

Cosmos TV Jllc - Belarus

Cosmos Wireless - Cyprus

CosmosTV - Belarus

Cosmote Mobile Telecommunication S.A - Greece

Cosmote Mobile Telecommunication S.A. - Greece

Cosmote Mobile Telecommunications S.A. - Greece

Cosmote Romanian Mobile Telecommunications S.A - Romania

Cosmote Romanian Mobile Telecommunications SA - Romania

Costra S.A. - Colombia

Costra S.A. - United States

Cotas Ltda. - Bolivia

Cote d'Ivoire Telecom - Ivory Coast

Cotesma - Argentina

Council of Ministers - Bulgaria

Country Online Services PVT - India

County of Yolo - United States

Courier Plus Ltd. - Russia

Covering - Australia

Cox Business - United States

Cox Communications - United States

Cox Communications Inc - United States

Cox Communications Inc. - United States

Cozad Telephone Company - United States

CPI - Japan

CPM Blue Online(Pvt)Ltd. - Bangladesh

CPS - Argentina

CR Net Telecomunicações Ltda-Me - Brazil

Craw-Kan Telephone Coop. - United States

Cray Inc. - United States

Crazy Network - Ukraine

CrazyDomains - Australia

CREANOVA - Finland

Creative Bangladesh - Bangladesh

Creative Cable Network Private Limited - India

Creative Mobile Solutions, Inc. - United States

Creativeeye Communication Private Limited - India


CRELCOM - Russia

CRELCOM broadband - Russia

Crelcom LLC - Ukraine

Creolink - Cameroon

Creral Comércio e Serviços de Telecomunicações - Brazil

Crestview Cable Communications - United States

Crimean telecommunications Ltd. - Ukraine

Criteo Asia - Hong Kong

Criteo Asia - Japan

Criteo Asia - United Kingdom

Criteo Corp. - United States

Criteo Europe - France

Criteo FRANCE - France

Critical Case s.r.l - Italy

Critical Path - United Kingdom

Critical Path - United States

Critical Path Inc. - United States

Crnogorski Telekom - Montenegro

Crnogorski Telekom A.D. Podgorica - Montenegro

Crnogorski Telekom a.d.Podgorica - Montenegro

Croatian Academic and Research Network - Croatia

Crocker Communications - United States

CrocWeb - Canada

Cronomagic Canada - Canada

Cronomagic Canada Inc. - Canada

CRONYX - Russia

Cronyx Plus (RiNet ISP) - Russia

Cronyx Plus Ltd. - Russia

Croon Elektrotechniek B.V - Netherlands - United States

Cross Geminis Limited - Ireland

Crossan CableComm Ltd - Ireland

CrossanRouteObject - Ireland

Crown Castle USA - United States

CrownCloud NL - Netherlands

Cruzio - United States

CrystalTech Web Hosting - United States

Crystone AB - Sweden

CS-NET Informática e Tecnologia Ltda. - Brazil

CS France - France

CS LoxInfo - Thailand

CS Loxinfo Public Company Limited - Thailand

CS Vega Odessa - Ukraine

CSC - Tieteen tietotekniikan keskus Oy - Finland

CSC Australia Pty Ltd - Australia

CSC Telecom, UAB - Republic of Lithuania


CSERVIS - Czechia

CSF - Japan

CSH - United States


CSIR - Council Scientific and Industrial Research - South Africa

Csk-it Management Corporation - Japan

CSL Limited - Hong Kong

CSL Mobile - Hong Kong

csloxinfo-abn - Thailand

CSN Support Services - United States

CSO-NET4 PI - Ukraine

CSP - Italy

CSP s.c. a r.l. - Italy

CSR Limited - Australia

Csra LLC - United States

Cst-net - São Tomé and Príncipe

CST - Cerentini Soluções em Tecnologia - Brazil

CSTNET's IP - China

CSTNET - China

Ctbc Multimidia Data Net S/a - Brazil

CTC-JNPR - Russia

CTC - Russia


CTE S.A. de C.V - El Salvador

CTE S.A. de C.V. - El Salvador


CTM Internet Service - China

CTM Internet Service - Macao

CtrlS Datacenters - India

CtrlS Datacenters Limited - India

CtrlS Datacenters Ltd. - India

CTTNET - China

CU-CDC - China

CubeNode System 5 - Spain

Cubenode System SL - Spain

Cuneyt Mentesoglu trading as "Birbir Internet Hizmetleri" - Turkey

Curacao Telecom - Curaçao

Curacy Telecom - India

Cushman & Wakefield Debenham Tie Leung Limited - Netherlands


cust8863 - Russia

CustodianDC Limited - United Kingdom

customer in Corporate Access - Cambodia

Customer NAT - Austria


Customers 2DayTelecom - Kazakhstan

Customers Network - Mozambique

customers with static IP - Austria

Cutting Edge Communications - United States

CV-Multimedia - Cabo Verde

CV-Multimedia - Cape Verde

CV. Adelanos Mandiri - Indonesia

CV. Cloud Teknologi Nusantara - Indonesia


CV Alif Data Communication - Indonesia

CV Atha Media Prima - Indonesia

CVmultimedia ADSL - Cabo Verde

CW Vodafone Group PLC - United Kingdom

Cwie LLC - United States

CWK - Japan

Cwmc Telecom Ltda ME - Brazil

CWNET - Italy

cwnet s.r.l. - Italy

Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd. - India

Cyber-Security - Singapore

CYBER512 - Indonesia

Cyber Access Internet Communications - United States

Cyber Cast International, S.A. - Panama

Cyber Cast International - Panama

Cyber Cloud Shield Broadband Services Private Limi - India

Cyber Communication Limited - Bangladesh

Cyber Info Provedor de Internet - Brazil

Cyber Internet Ltda ME - Brazil

Cyber Internet Services (Private) Limited - Pakistan

Cyber Internet Services (Pvt) - Pakistan

Cyber Internet Services (pvt.) - Pakistan

Cyber Internet Services Pakistan - Pakistan

Cyber Mesa Computer Systems - United States

Cyber Smart Solutions S.R.L - Romania

Cyber Smart Solutions S.R.L - United States

Cyber Solutions - Bangladesh

Cyber Solutions BD - Bangladesh

Cyber Way Technology - Bangladesh

Cyber Wurx LLC - United States

Cybercom - United States

Cybercom Sweden AB - Sweden

Cyberdyne - Liberia

Cyberdyne - Saint Kitts and Nevis

Cyberdyne S.A. - Liberia

Cyberdyne S.A. - Saint Kitts and Nevis

Cyberdyne S.A. - Sweden

Cyberlan Serviços De Telecomunicações Ltda - Brazil

cyberline comunicaçoes e serviços ltda me - Brazil

Cyberlink AG - Switzerland

Cyberlink Internet Services AG - Switzerland

CYBERNET - Pakistan

CyberOne Data LLC - United States


Cybersmart - South Africa

Cyberverse - United States

CyberWave S.A. - Argentina

Cyfrowy Polsat - Poland

Cyfuture India Pvt. - India

Cygnal Technologies - Philippines

cyon GmbH - Switzerland

Cyprus Telecommunications Authority - Cyprus

Cyprus Telecommunications Authority - Greece

Cyren Inc - Germany

CyrusOne LLC - United States

Cyso Management B.V. - Netherlands

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - United States

CYTA - Cyprus

Cyta Hellas - Greece

Cyta Hellas - United States

CYTANET - Cyprus

CYTANET - Cyprus Telecommunications Authority - Cyprus

Cytanet - Cyta Hellas - Greece

CZ.CZNET - Czech Republic

CZ.CZNET - Czechia

CZ.CZNET - Slovakia

CZ.MGI - Czechia

Czestochowska Spoldzielnia Mieszkaniowa Nasza Prac - Poland

CZL ISAM - Belize

Cznet s.r.o. - Czechia